Find great stocks to invest in, without spending hours learning complex models or Googling!

Find great stocks to invest in, without spending hours learning complex models or Googling!

How we do it

credit-card Learn from winners

We started from the foundational teachings of legendary stock market investors and decision-making researchers, and built a data collection and review model that finds, evaluates, and distinguishes great companies from weak ones.

dev Automate data collection

We continuously search through and find the most reliable sources of financial data. Also, in order to create a more comprehensive view of companies, we vet and add new data sources that are not commonly used by financial analysts and investors.

globe Translate data into insights

Our models assess and translate the raw data to synthesized, evidence-based, and actionable insights, and summarize them into a Stock Card. Each Stock Card gives you the insights to repeatedly make winning stock market investment decisions.

mail Invest based on Stock Card

Unlike what's common in the financial industry, we put our money where our mouth is, invest our money based on the Stock Cards’ insights, and share our market out-performing portfolio with everyone openly.

How it works

Subscribe for free

Once you subscribe, every Sunday evening you will receive three Stock Cards in your inbox. We pick the Stock Card of the week based on what's trending in the news, and give you the insights to decide whether the news is investment-worthy for the long-term. If you are not subscribed yet, do it now.

Review and invest

Review Stock Card's insights, dig into the logic and data points - if you want, see how our team uses Stock Card's insights to invest in the stock market, and ultimately make your investment decision. If you need to learn more about how Stock Cards are built, see our FAQ page.

Rinse and repeat

Use Stock Card Weekly as your winning process to invest in the stock market. Commonly, stock market winners have a repeatable, regular and evidence-based process to evaluate and invest in stocks. Stock Card Weekly is your process to become a stock market winner.

Who we are

Hoda CEO

The basic story remains simple and never-ending. Stocks aren't lottery tickets. There's a company attached to every share. - Peter Lynch

Arash COO - Product and Operations

Success in investing doesn’t correlate with I.Q. Once you are above the level of 25; once you have ordinary intelligence, what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble in investing. - Warren Buffett